MAY 11, 2012
Just time for another entry on my blog this morning, before I go back into my "sweat shop" for more sewing !  I am looking forward to the events I have booked for this month, and hope to meet a lot of new people in my travels.

I have been making some smaller cheaper toys ready for the school events, and have not yet put my web prices up even though the postal rates are now quite high for sending out toys.  I will hold on for as long as I can, but eventually I will have to put them up about 50p I'm afraid.

My first event at the Parkdean Holiday Park in Sandford, nr Wareham, was very quiet.  It is held in their reception and is a new venture which is on a weekly basis.  I have booked for this month, but not sure if I will continue with it.  It is so dependant on guests actually wanting to stay on the site and come to see the crafts on display, rather than getting out and enjoying their holiday.  I will have to see how it goes.

Take care everyone, and hope to see some of you soon !

Julie x

April 17, 2012
I can't believe that nearly a month has gone by since I last wrote something on this blog !  I am pleased to say that I have sourced some new buttons to use as the eyes on my toys - instead of using a white button with a black one sewn on top, the new ones are one complete unit, and look just as good, if not better !  Unfortunately I have had to order 3,000 of theese (I'd really rather not say how much money I have had to borrow of my hubby to buy them !).  I wish I had found them before when I first started out ...

Sales are going well on the website, and with the new stats section I can see what toys people have been looking at to see which ones are the most popular - I really like that !

Continue checking the site everyone, you never know what unusual creature you are going to find for that perfect present !

Julie x

March 12 2012
I thought it was about time that I put another post on my blog - I have been quite busy getting new SOCKIES made to go onto the website which I hope you will all like.  I also wanted to thank everyone who emailed me saying that they love the new-look website - it's very much appreciated that you have taken the trouble to contact me.

I have some new toys to go on the site this week (probably Wednesday) - there are a few elephants that I have been trying to perfect, and think that they look quite good !  Let me know what you think !

Also on the Home Page at the bottom right hand side is a little picture of my gorgeous granddaughter - Jazmine Faye who is 8 months old - I thought she deserved a little bit of recognition too.  She is playing with  one of my daughter's old SOCKIES from about 3 years ago ....

Bye for now
Julie x

24 February 2012

Today this new website has gone "live".  After spending 3 months getting my toys to comply with the latest Toy (Safety) Regulations, I have finally made it.  I am pleased to confirm that the toys are now safe for children of all ages - even adults !

For those of you who may buy from this site, after receiving your toy/toys if you let me have any feedback together with a picture of your child/adult with the toy, I can then add this on the Testimonials Page.

Local people will also see on the Events Page that when you click on an event, there is now a small Google map for you to see exactly where it is taking place.

I think my "nephew-in-law" has done a brilliant job with this new-look website and I hope you can all take some time out to let me have feedback to let me know what you think .....


Julie x